This is the cog guide for the uptimeresponder cog. You will find detailed docs about usage and commands.

[p] is considered as your prefix.


To use this cog, you will need to install and load it.

See the Getting my cogs page.


A cog for responding to pings form various uptime monitoring services, such as UptimeRobot, Pingdom, Uptime.com, or self-hosted ones like UptimeKuma or Upptime.

The web server will run in the background whenever the cog is loaded on the specified port.

It will respond with status code 200 when a request is made to the root URL.

If you want to use this with an external service, you will need to set up port forwarding. Make sure you are aware of the security risk of exposing your machine to the internet.




This command is locked to the bot owner.


[p]uptimeresponderport [port=None]


Get or set the port to run the simple web server on.

Run the command on it’s own ([p]uptimeresponderport) to see what it’s set to at the moment, and to set it run [p]uptimeresponderport 8080, for example.